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Join us for our workshop, and at our booth #230!
Posted: 12/15/2022
Please join one or more of our new working groups!
Posted: 11/28/2022
Dr. Sushma Naithani, on the Plant Reactome
Posted: 11/28/2022
Science of Team Science - Jennifer E. Cross
Posted: 10/27/2022
We are soliciting ideas for new working groups for Year 2 of our NSF Research Coordination Network grant about defining community-based standards of data sharing and management and promoting an equitable and sustainable data ecosystem in agriculture.
Posted: 10/11/2022
The Gene Ontology - Chris Mungall
Posted: 09/28/2022
African BioGenome Project (AfricaBP) - ThankGod Ebenezer from the EMBL-EBI
Posted: 07/18/2022
INTEGRAPE, Camille Rustenholz
Posted: 05/23/2022
The microPublication Biology journal - Karen Yook and Daniela Raciti
Posted: 04/14/2022
The AgBioData steering committee is looking for new members! Send you nomination by April 1st!
Posted: 03/01/2022