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Post-PAG business


Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting at PAG! For those who weren't able to attend, and as a reminder for those who did, here's a summary of some of the action items that were discussed at the meeting.

White Paper for your COMMENTS!!


The WHITE PAPER IS NOW OPEN for your comments!!

Please be aware that with so many authors, and with a 50 page paper, this is difficult.  I Suggest that you review your area of expertise first.  If you have time, review and comment on additional sections.  Make suggestion in the Google Doc.  Please send Overall suggestion to the Steering Committee:

Comments on minimum information for plant phenotyping

This came across my twitter feed, group working on metadata for plant phenotyping requesting comments.. I haven't read all the documentation here but

wanted to bring this to the attention of the group of folks were not aware of it...

AgBioData #PAGXXVI for social media


Hello, I am in charge of social media/communication for AgBioData. You know that we have a website but AgBioData also has a Twitter account (w/ 288 followers) and a Facebook account (w/ 166 followers).  I used both this social media platforms to promote AgBioData as a whole and individual databases. 

Database Booth at PAG


Please sign up for the Databases Booth at PAG!  Marcela Tello-Ruiz is organizing:
Go here and remove the red color if you want to join the booth.
A place to hang out at PAG.  Bring your brochures!