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Next AgBioData General Meeting on Nov. 1


An AgBioData meeting is scheduled for Oct. 5, but we don't have a speaker lined up for that date, so we are postponing until Nov. 1, at 10 AM CST (clocks change the week before!). The main agenda item will be to review the white paper draft.

We are looking for people to speak at future AgBioData meetings, so if you would like to volunteer or suggest someone, please let one of the steering committee members know.

Slides from Olivier Dameron's presentation on AskOmics


Hi everyone,

For those who couldn't attend today's webinar on AskOmics, or who would like to re-visit the presentation: I wasn't able to record the presentation, but Olivier has kindly shared his slides from the non-live-demo part of the talk. Please see the attached file.