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AgBioData is a consortium of agricultural biological databases and associated resources working together to ensure standards and best practices for acquisition, display and retrieval of genomic, genetic and breeding data.

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Chuck Cook, The Global Biodata Coalition (GBC)
Posted: 01/27/2021
During this webinar, Imma Subirats & Kristin Kolshus with the AGROVOC Team from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations will introduce how AGROVOC is kept up to date with a number of institutions and individual domain experts serving as focal points for specific languages and topics. 
Posted: 01/05/2021
Join AgBioData for our December webinar about SoyBase GCVIT tool.
Posted: 11/24/2020
Join AgBioData for our September webinar about Data merging and sharing.
Posted: 08/07/2020
Join us for our August group discussion call about "What has AgBioData done for you & your database?"
Posted: 07/18/2020