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Join us for our workshop on Jan. 12 at 4 PM PT and at our booth #422!
Posted: 12/05/2023
Ben Cole, Chis Tuggle, and Muskan Kapoor on single-cell data management in plants and livestock.
Posted: 11/21/2023
Ben Rosen on the Ruminant T2T Consortium
Posted: 10/16/2023
This meeting will feature presentations from representatives of the 1890’s land grant research community, following a discussions on methods to establish successful relationships with the 1890 land grant community.
Posted: 10/11/2023
Pascal Neveu on PHIS, an ontology-based Information System for Plant Phenotyping
Posted: 09/18/2023
Staying grounded: assembling structured biological knowledge with help from large language models
Posted: 08/21/2023
Data sharing and ontology use among agricultural genetics, genomics, and breeding databases and resources of the AgBioData Consortium
Posted: 08/01/2023
Virtual round-table on phenotypic data management issues of the AgBioData member databases
Posted: 07/24/2023
Sarah Lippincott will talk about the repository Dryad and its use for agricultural data!
Posted: 07/05/2023
Agricultural Sciences in the Big Data Era: Genotype and Phenotype Data Standardization, Utilization and Integration
Posted: 06/14/2023