AgBioData Database Member Recommendations

Recommended activities of AgBioData Member Databases:


  1. Read the white paper and try to follow the recommendations.  
  2. Each AgBioData database will have one designated liaison who will be the point of contact with the AgBioData Steering Committee. Please report the person in your database who will be the official AgBioData liaison to
  3. Write a paragraph describing your database and your Stakeholders, and submit it to The paragraph will be loaded onto and will be publicly viewed.
  4. Submit your database info to FAIRsharing (required) and RE3data (recommended), and optionally, any other database of databases you wish.
  5. All AgBioData member Databases will have an easy-to-find list of key personnel, their roles, and contact info on their respective database website. This will ensure that users can find the people they need and makes biocurators more visible in the scientific community.
  6. AgBioData member Databases are encouraged to provide a list of key personnel, their expertise, and contact info to the AgBioData Website (with their consent). This will make it easier for AgBioData members to find and contact each other. Only AgBioData Members will be able to access this list after logging in.
  7. AgBioData recommends that team members have an ORCID id. E.g.: 0000-0003-2787-3955. This will help resolve ambiguity about authorship, and will serve as a good example of compliance with general standards. Also, some journals are requiring ORCIDs now.