AgBioData Workshop at PAG 30 - Jan 13, 2023 (San Diego, CA)

Th AgBioData consortium will be at PAG 30! We will have a workshop on Friday, Jan. 13 (see details below) and a booth (#230). Please come to hear about our working groups' work and progress and meet our community and genomic, genetic, and breeding resources.


Workshop description:

Title: "The AgBioData Consortium: Challenges and Recommendations for FAIR Genetic, Genomic and Breeding Data"

Location: Town and Country C
Date: Friday, Jan 13, 4:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes


AgBioData is a consortium of agricultural biological databases to consolidate standards and best practices for acquiring, displaying, and reusing genomic, genetic, and breeding (GGB) data. Our National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network (NSF-RCN) grant aims to address major issues around agricultural GGB data and databases by developing community-based recommendations and educational materials and informing policy and decision-makers about the growing importance of scientific data curation and management to the research community. In the first year of the NSF-RCN grant, we established seven working groups (WGs) around topics important to anybody that generates, curates, and uses GGB data, specifically: Data Federation, Education, Genotype to Phenotype, Genome Nomenclature, Ontologies, Pan-Genomes, and Standards for Genetic Variation. In this workshop, we introduce the AgBioData consortium; share challenges, recommendations, and resources developed by several of these working groups; and provide preliminary insights on the long-term sustainability of the AgBioData database resources. We invite the larger community at PAG to learn about AgBioData, give us feedback on our working groups’ recommendations, and join our efforts to promote and facilitate FAIR data in agricultural research (


Workshop agenda:

4:00 PM PT  "Data Federation in Genetics, Genomics and Breeding Databases - Current Status, Needs and Future Directions", Monica Poelchau - SLIDES
4:20 PM PT  "An Open Access Curriculum for Using Agricultural Biological Databases for Research and FAIR Data Sharing.", Margaret E. Staton - SLIDES
4:40 PM PT  "Challenges and Opportunities in Connecting Genes, Alleles, and Pan-Genes to Phenotype Data", Sushma Naithani - SLIDES
5:00 PM PT  "Guidelines for Standardizing Gene Model Nomenclature and Genome Assembly Quality Metrics", Kapeel Chougule - SLIDES
5:20 PM PT  "Towards Standards for Biocuration & Interoperability of Genetic Variation Data", Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz - SLIDES
5:40 PM PT  "Sustainability Analysis of Agbiodata Databases", Shabari Subramaniam - SLIDES