Post-PAG business

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Post-PAG business

Dear all,

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting at PAG! For those who weren't able to attend, and as a reminder for those who did, here's a summary of some of the action items that were discussed at the meeting.

The AgBioData white paper.
We are currently receiving comments from you on the AgBioData white paper ( - please keep them coming! Deadline for comments is February 14th.

Recruiting a new steering committee member.
We need a new steering committee member! Ramona Walls unfortunately needs to step down from her position. As a steering committee member, you will be able to shape the direction of AgBioData, in particular how the steering committee should operate. I'd also add that this steering committee has been very enjoyable to work with :). If you'd like to join the AgBioData steering committee, or nominate another person, please submit a name, email address, and a very brief statement on why you/they would like to join to Lisa Harper ( by February 14th. We will then vote on the replacement.
Volunteer to give a webinar.
We are always interested in webinar topic suggestions for our monthly online meetings. We received several suggestions at PAG, but please keep the ideas coming - email with ideas.
Sign up for the AgBioData website.
We are trying to move away from Basecamp as our means of communication, and use our website's Forum board instead. If you haven't yet, please register at!