June 7th Webinar

June 7th Webinar

Friday, May 5, 2023
Dr. Peter Selby will talk about the Breeding API (BrAPI) Project.

Applications and impacts of the BrAPI project on plant breeding

Modern genomic breeding methods rely heavily on very large amounts of phenotypic and genotypic data, presenting new challenges in effective data management and integration. The datasets are often large and complex, and the data is often stored on multiple systems, sometimes separated by country and organization. As the common analysis methods increasingly require aggregation of datasets from diverse sources, data exchange between disparate systems becomes a challenge.

This webinar will be an introduction to The Breeding API (BrAPI) Project. The BrAPI Project began in 2014 when a small group of plant breeding and technology experts came together to try to standardize their data. Since then, BrAPI has become internationally accepted as one of the primary data exchange standards in the plant breeding domain. This webinar will give an overview of what BrAPI is, how it works, what it is capable of, and the impact the project has had so far on the community.

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