Working group description and goals: 

To ensure that researchers continue to have access to reliable, high-quality, curated, and FAIR data in the future, we need to plan and develop infrastructure, strategies, and tools to ensure the long-term sustainability of GGB data and GGB Databases. Researchers rely upon databases for data discovery, analysis, and management. Scientists’ ability to make new discoveries is hindered when the databases become static or disappear due to a lack of funding. Given that funding is limited, but data is not, long-term sustainability will necessarily require finding innovative ways to decrease overall costs while maintaining high quality and maximizing interoperability. 


This working group will: 

  • Assess different sustainability models and solutions that can be applied across many databases, including but not limited to new funding sources, cost-saving measures, and grant funding policies/procedures.

  • Use survey data, models, stakeholder inputs, and expertise to develop a roadmap for GGB  database sustainability that ensures data persistence and longevity.

  • Draft a paper for submission to a peer-reviewed journal synthesizing the working groups’ research, community inputs, sustainability analysis, findings, and recommendations.


Champion: Josh Young


  • Bob Cottingham
  • Chris Elsik
  • Chuck Cook
  • David Carr
  • Dorrie Main
  • Fiona McCarthy
  • John P McNamara
  • Josh Young
  • Karen Yook
  • Lukas Mueller
  • Shabari Subramaniam
  • Star Gao
  • Surya Saha
  • Sushma Naithani
  • Tanya Berardini


Meeting Schedule: more information soon!

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