Phenotypic Data Standardization and Management

Working group description and goals: 

Accurate, well-annotated, and accessible phenotypic data are the keys to many genetic, genomic, and breeding applications. The broad diversity of data types (e.g., images, spreadsheets, etc.) and sources (e.g., literature vs. primary data generators) makes the standardization, sharing, and reuse of phenotypic data challenging.


This working group will

  • address the need for standards, guidelines, and expertise for phenotypic data management that can be implemented by the consortium member databases (DBs) and the large community of data users and generators.
  • identify and provide recommendations for two categories of phenotypic data usually curated by the member DB resources:
    • phenotypic data curated from the literature
    • phenotypes submitted directly by the data generators (e.g., experimental data from a breeding trial).


Champion: Jinha Jung, Jennifer Clarke

Members: This working group will be established in January '24.


Meeting Schedule: more information soon!

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