Main goals:

The Pan-genome working group had the following main goals:

  • Provide an extensive description of pan-genomes
  • Answer the question: what are pan-genomes good for?
  • Review current methods and tools for the visualization, presentation, and representation of pan-genomes
  • Review existing reproducible and well-documented pipelines for the construction and analysis of pan-genomes
  • Identify strategies or tools for connecting phenotype data to pan-genome data.



The Pan-genome WG ended in December 2022 and developed a web resource with information and recommendations for working with pan-genome analyses and data ( Soon we will translate this GitHub markdown into a web page on this website!!



  • Edoardo Bertolini
  • Alan Cleary
  • Rashmi Jain
  • Ryan Layer
  • Clay Birkett
  • Gerard Lazo
  • Dave Edwards
  • Doreen Ware
  • Andrew Olson
  • Steven Cannon
  • Ethy Cannon
  • Jodi Humann