Main goals:

  • Survey the ontologies in use (pending/based on a review of previous results);

  • Identify 3 or 4 concrete use cases to identify gaps in the ontologies;

  • Identify tools that are missing;

  • Identify barriers to ontology use;

  • Define a list of possible webinar speakers;

  • Long-term goals are a set of recommendations and a white paper.


Time a member dedicates to this working group on average (including meetings and assigned tasks):

  • 2 hours per month for meetings (1 hour every other week);

  • 1-2 hours on assigned tasks every other week.


Benefits of joining this working group:

  • Networking; 

  • Learning more about new tools, resources and ontologies; 

  • White paper authorship.


Co-Chairs: Laurel Cooper, Marie-Angélique Laporte


  • Marie-Angélique Laporte
  • Angela Kranz
  • Amanda Cooksey
  • Anne Thessen
  • Brandon Whitehead
  • Peter Harrison
  • Laurel Cooper
  • Tanya Berardini
  • Jennifer Woodward-Green
  • Rex Nelson
  • Sunita Kumari
  • Elizabeth Arnaud
  • Katherine Todd-Brown


Meeting Schedule: rotating based on members' availability.

For more information, please email agbiodata@gmail.com.