Main goals:

The Ontologies working group had the following goals:

  • Survey the ontologies in use (pending/based on a review of previous results);

  • Identify 3 or 4 concrete use cases to identify gaps in the ontologies;

  • Identify tools that are missing;

  • Identify barriers to ontology use;

  • Define a list of possible webinar speakers;

  • Long-term goals are a set of recommendations and a white paper.



The Ontologies working group (WG) ended in December 2022. This working group conducted a survey to understand better which ontologies are mostly used by the AgBiodata community depending on the type of data and species. They identified a list of use cases that are relevant to our community, along with their current gaps in ontology and ontology use barriers. The Ontologies and Data Federation WGs published the results of the survey in a white paper now available here.



  • Marie-Angélique Laporte
  • Angela Kranz
  • Amanda Cooksey
  • Anne Thessen
  • Brandon Whitehead
  • Peter Harrison
  • Laurel Cooper
  • Tanya Berardini
  • Jennifer Woodward-Green
  • Rex Nelson
  • Sunita Kumari
  • Elizabeth Arnaud
  • Katherine Todd-Brown