Genome Assembly and Annotation Nomenclature

Main goals:

  • Cataloging existing gene identifier nomenclature systems and genome assembly QC metrics.

  • Surveying major stakeholders to understand current challenges and potential solutions toward a standard gene ID nomenclature system and guidelines for acceptable/minimum genome assembly metrics before genome publications.

  • Begin drafting a white paper describing the current status, challenges, and recommendations for standard nomenclature and genome assembly quality control metrics.


Time a member dedicates to this working group on average (including meetings and assigned tasks):

  • 2-4 hours per month.


Benefits of joining this working group:

  • Paper authorship;

  • Learning - opportunities to get involved in data analysis from survey responses and manuscript drafting/editing. 

  • Leadership - opportunities to lead sub-groups tackling individual objectives, members also get opportunities to lead bi-weekly group discussions.

  • Career/Professional development - network with researchers working in diverse areas of genome assembly, nomenclature, QC metrics, databases, and publishing.


Chair: Kapeel Chougule

Co-Chair: Sarah Dyer


  • Ethalinda Cannon

  • Kapeel Chougule

  • Sarah Dyer

  • Justin Elser

  • Loren Honas

  • Huiting Zhnag

  • Nathaniel Jue

  • Paul Otyama

  • Pankaj Jaiswal

  • Brian Smith White

  • Tara Rickman

  • Patrice Salome

  • Maria Skrabisova

  • Cecilia Deng

  • Jean Luiz Simoes de Araujo


Meeting Schedule: TBD

For more information, please email