FAIR Scientific Literature

Working group description and goals: 

Curated Genetic, Genomic, and Breeding databases occupy an important niche within the FAIR data ecosystem as community resources for integrated data about a particular species or taxonomic group. Curation adds value by making data standardized, linked, and computationally accessible, thereby saving researchers time.  The curation of scientific literature is typically a manual process that is often impeded by using non-standard nomenclature and data formats that are intrinsic to the scientific publication formats. Since curation resources are extremely limited, we need to identify ways to be more accurate and efficient.


This working group will: 

  • Identify bottlenecks in the publication-curation pipeline.

  • Identify sets of existing or desired tools or biocuration resources to increase literature curation throughput and accuracy.

  • In its second year, publish recommendations and a roadmap for authors and publishers to increase the FAIRness of published research, including potentially curation concurrent with publication.


Champion: Leonore Reiser


  • Adam Wright
  • Daniel Morris
  • Daniela Raciti
  • David Molik
  • Jacqueline Campbell
  • Jenna Daenzee
  • Karen Yook
  • Leonore Reiser
  • Leyla Cabugos
  • Ruth Issacson
  • Sarah Bay
  • Mathieu Rouard
  • Sook Jung


Meeting Schedule: more information soon!

For more information, please email agbiodata@gmail.com.