Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Recruiting

Working group description:


A core AgBioData goal is to build an inclusive community by embracing the broad cultural and professional diversity in agricultural research and education. Any proposed solutions need to consider the needs of the various stakeholder groups and address barriers towards participation.


Main goals:

  • Recruit members for the existing AgBioData working groups and the consortium by targeting communities traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, junior researchers, and researchers from less well-funded institutions.

  • Develop outreach resources and material to educate about AgBioData, what we do, and how we support the ag research and education community. 

  • Connect with Diversity and Inclusion groups of similar organizations and initiatives.

Time a member dedicates to this working group on average (including meetings and assigned tasks):

  • 30-60 min meetings every other week and  1-4 hours a month outside of meetings.


Benefits of joining this working group:

  • Contributing to promoting an inclusive and diverse community to establish a FAIR data ecosystem advances equity throughout the AgBioData community.

  • A better understanding of the root causes of inequality and  how to advance a more equitable and open scientific community

  • Developing outreach skills

  • Expanding professional networks

  • Professional recognition

  • Expand upon and promote best practices to ensure equity and inclusion and potentially test new paradigms.


We also have open meetings on topics or with organizations actively related to DEI. The recordings of our previous meetings are below:


Chair: Annarita Marrano

Champion: Susan McCarthy


  • Jingqiu Chen

  • Rita Hayford

  • Annarita Marrano

  • John P. McNamara

  • Leonore Reiser

  • Margaret Young


Meeting Schedule: every two weeks on Monday, at 1 PM ET | 12 PM CT | 11 AM MT | 10 AM PT

For more information, please email agbiodata@gmail.com.