Data Federation

Main goals:

The Data Federation Working Group had the goal for year 1 to make progress towards

  • documentation of a set of best practices in data federation and sharing that encourages ‘cross-talk’ among AgBioData member databases;
  • proof-of-concept implementation and evaluation of at least one data exchange mechanism at two or more AgBioData databases;
  • training materials on how to implement/improve data exchange across databases.



The Data Federation working group ended in December 2023. They opened and announced to the community a discussion board on the AgBioData GitHub site ( to collect input on pilot use cases. This board has five different discussions/topics for possible pilot studies. They also launched a survey of the AgBioData community in collaboration with the Ontologies working group. This survey collected information about existing approaches and tools for data federation, perceptions of the importance of data federation, and existing `pain points’ that limit federation and/or data sharing. They received responses from over 30 individuals representing both member and non-member databases. The white paper reporting the survey's results is available here.



  • Rhea Sadohara
  • Jennifer Clarke
  • Stephen Ficklin
  • Peter Selby
  • Taner Sen
  • Justin Elser
  • Monica Poelchau
  • Andrew Farmer
  • Olusola Afuwape
  • Andrew Olson