Data Reuse

Working group description and goals:

There has been an exponential growth of publicly available genomics and epigenetics data due to journal and funding agencies' mandates. However, these data are often underutilized due to insufficient metadata and other challenges related to the FAIR data standards.  In addition, intermediate details from supplemental files and initial data processing that provides reusable knowledge about data are frequently not captured for data reuse. The main objective of this working group will be to identify bottlenecks in data reuse and critical needs (i.e., helpful resources or tools to improve the FAIRness of data) to facilitate data reuse and to propose solutions for the bottlenecks identified.


This working group will:

  • Identify bottlenecks in data reuse in livestock and plant communities based on discussions in working groups and the use of information from community surveys.

  • Identify critical needs (i.e., prioritized areas for improvement in FAIRness of data, software tools, or resources needed to help improve or identify challenges) that will help improve data reuse and promote more FAIR data.

  • Identify missed opportunities to improve data sharing (e.g., lost metadata or knowledge from manuscript supplements).

  • Publish a whitepaper describing these bottlenecks and needs.


Champion: James Koltes

Co-chair:  Alenka Hafner


  • Alenka Hafner
  • Anne Thessen
  • Barnet Abayo
  • Boas Pucker
  • Bob Cottingham
  • Bruna Petry
  • Cecilia Deng
  • Chris Tuggle
  • Christine Elsik
  • Daren Hagen
  • Elsa Herminia Quezada Rodriguez
  • James Koltes
  • Jing Yu
  • Kyu-Sang Lim
  • Leonore James
  • Mark Wilkinson
  • Parul Gupta
  • Peter Harrison
  • Sugitha Thankappan
  • Ted Kalbfleisch
  • Victoria DeLeo
  • Zhiping Weng


Meeting Schedule: more information soon!

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