2017 Workshop

Workshop Description

The NSF Plant Genome Research Program have sponsored a 2 day workshop  held in Salt Lake City on April 18-19th, 2017. The workshop brought together 42 scientists associated with more than 20 agricultural databases and supporting respurces to achieve  two main goals: (1) Generate a white paper to  define key components of genomic, genetic, and breeding (GGB) databases in agriculture; recommend best practices for these components; and identify immediate, future and unmet needs across databases; and (2)  Plan a draft of a NSF Research Coordination Network grant to help us continue to coordinate and collaborate across agricultural GGB databases.

Workshop Agenda

Tuesday April 18

  • 8:30     Welcome
  • 9:00     Working groups introduction  
  • 10:15   Break
  • 10:30   First break-out session
  • 11:40   Regroup and quick reports from each WWG
  • 12:00   Lunch
  • 1:00     Second break-out group
  • 2:30     Coffee break
  • 3:00     Regroup, reports from each WWG

Discuss target journal for white paper (including scope of journal and cost)
Whole group discussion of WWG goals and activities.
Open the floor for discussion on items outside the scope of the white paper

  • 4:30    Break/option to continue working
  • 6:30    Dinner

Optional evening meetings
Wednesday April 19

  • 8:30    Discussion:

Communication outcomes and website
Get responses to Plant Biology Databases: A Needs Assessment white paper
Working towards a grant (beyond the white paper)

  • 10:00   Break
  • 10:30   Third break-out section - Rotate to your secondary working group; working group leads will stay.
  • 11:40   Regroup and reports from each WWG
  • 12:00   Lunch
  • 1:00    Open forum on policy and security
  • 2:30    Break
  • 3:00    Fourth break-out session
  • 5:10    Regroup and report
  • 5:30    Break
  • 6:30    Dinner

Optional evening meetings

Workshop Report

Participants: The AgBioData workshop was attended by # participants representing # databases.

Workshop Participants

Name Organization Working Group
Fiona McCarthy University of Arizona Curation
Jack Okamuro USDA ARS Data availability, policy and communication
James Carson Texas Advanced Computing Center Data sharing using web services
James Reecy Iowa State University Data availability, policy and communication
Jaqueline Campbell Iowa State University Data availability, policy and communication