NEW AgBioData working groups!!!!

NEW AgBioData working groups!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2022
Please join one or more of our new working groups!

We just started Year 2 of our NSF RCN grant of FAIR data in agricultural research and are initiating six new working groups around data-related issues and priorities raised by the AgBioData community. 


Each working group currently has a set of achievable goals and deliverables and has a 6-12 month duration (except for the SustainabilityFAIR Scientific Literature, and DEI Recruiting working groups, which will have a 2-year mandate with the possibility for their members to rotate off after a year).
We anticipate that the commitment will generally be between 2-6 hours per month, including meeting attendance and offline work (e.g., literature, writing, etc.).

This is your opportunity to shape the future of our research community by contributing to developing best practices of data archiving and management that can benefit you and all the other stakeholders. Participating in the AgBioData working groups will also offer you opportunities for 

  • professional networking
  • leadership skill development
  • authorship in impactful manuscripts

Please join one or more of our working groups here, or share with anybody that can be interested!