Data Federation

Main goals:

  • Survey AgBioData members regarding user/provider "pain points" that might be addressed by the federation;

  • Work on a manuscript regarding the survey's results;

  • Collect information about existing approaches and tools for data federation (via GitHub discussions site);

  • Select one or two `target’ use cases for proof-of-concept studies and outline steps (and challenges) for the federation.

Time a member dedicates to this working group on average (including meetings and assigned tasks):

  • 1 hour per week


Benefits of joining this working group:

  • Paper authorship; 

  • Networking; 

  • Professional development; 

  • Knowledge of and input on critical use cases that would lead to improved data services.


Chair: Jennifer Clarke

Co-Chair: Andrew Farmer


  • Rhea Sadohara
  • Jennifer Clarke
  • Stephen Ficklin
  • Peter Selby
  • Taner Sen
  • Justin Elser
  • Monica Poelchau
  • Andrew Farmer
  • Olusola Afuwape
  • Andrew Olson


Meeting Schedule: every two weeks on Tue, at 4 PM ET | 3 PM CT | 2 PM MT | 1 PM PT

For more information, please email