AgBioData at 2018 Plant Biology

AgBioData at 2018 Plant Biology

Monday, April 2, 2018
AgBioData booth and talk at 2018 Plant Biology

AgBioData talk : The AgBioData Consortium: Visioning and Implementation

Sunday, July 15 11:10 AM - 12:30 PM

"AgBioData is a consortium of agricultural biological databases and associated resources working together to ensure standards and best practices for acquisition, display and retrieval of genomic, genetic and breeding data. This presentation will highlight best practices for scientists to enable scientific discovery and application through interaction and support of agricultural databases." 


AgBioData Booth

If your database is interested in participating, please include a contact person in the following table (already included those who participated in last year's booth and/or who have contacted me expressing their interest):

Also include yourself in there if you are unable to attend but wish to have brochures (or other educational material for your DB) to be freely distributed at the booth.

As in previous conferences, we plan on having a group banner, schedule, flyers, etc.  We also discussed to have an official page in the AgBioData site (see last year's in the Gramene wiki at  

Gramene has been able to absorb most of the costs for this booth in past years, but if this was not possible in 2018, we would expect to split this among all participant groups.