AgBioData #PAGXXVI for social media

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#1 Wed, 12/20/2017 - 15:10
JD Campbell
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AgBioData #PAGXXVI for social media

Hello, I am in charge of social media/communication for AgBioData. You know that we have a website but AgBioData also has a Twitter account (w/ 288 followers) and a Facebook account (w/ 166 followers).  I used both this social media platforms to promote AgBioData as a whole and individual databases. 

Many of you are getting your posters and presentations ready for PAG knowing that this is a great chance to tell people about the resources you have available on your database. I believe that the PAG meeting is a great opportunity to not only reach the thousands attending PAG but the thousands of others that are not attending PAG but instead following the out flow of information via social media. Here is an example of how PAG is promoted and shared via twitter:

I want to gather all the AgBioData PAG presentations and posters so that I can promote AgBioData and individual databases at PAGXXVI, however with over 30 databases within AgBioData, this task can not be done by myself.  I am asking for your help.  Below is a link to google sheet and I would like your help filling it out. If you have a presentation or poster at PAG please fill out fields in the google sheet.  I entered a few AgBioData presentations and posters I know of as an example of what I am looking for. Please fill out this spreadsheet by January 5th. Thank you for your help.




Jacqueline D. Campbell (Farrell), Ph.D.

AgBioData Steering Committee member