List of the agricultural biological databases involved with the AgBioData consortium.
Name URL Contact
MaizeGDB Carson Andorf
CassavaBase CassavaBase
i5K NAL Chris Childers
Hymenoptera Genome Database Christine Elsik
Bovine Genome Database Christine Elsik
Araport Chris Town
AgroPortal Clement Jonquet
National Animal Disease Center Darrell Bayles
SoyBase David Grant
Gramene Doreen Ware
Genome Database for Rosaceae Dorrie Main
CottonGen Dorrie Main
Citrus Genome Database Dorrie Main
Cool Season Food Legume Database Dorrie Main
Genome Database for Vaccinium Dorrie Main
PeanutBase Ethy Cannon
TAIR Eva Huala
Agbase Fiona McCarthy
Animal QTLdb James Reecy
T3 Jean-Luc Jannink
TreeGenes Jill Wegrzyn
YamBase Lukas Mueller
Sol Genomics Network Lukas Mueller
MusaBase Lukas Mueller
SweetPotatoBase Lukas Mueller
Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox Maria Monteros & Patrick Zhao
Hardwood Genomics Meg Staton
Planteome Pankaj Jaiswal
GRIN Peter Bretting
CyVerse Ramona Walls
Legume Information System Steven Cannon
GrainGenes Taner Sen