Public Genetic Resources

Working group description and goals: 

This working group is established to discuss and eventually make recommendations for best practices surrounding the creation, publication, and persistent record of public genetic resources.  This includes, but is not limited to, publicly available markers and marker sets (typically arrayed or pooled oligo sets), pangenome versioning, and genome assembly versioning.  The creation of these resources often falls outside the realm of what is considered ‘peer-reviewed’ or publishable results, yet there is no alternative coordinated system for publishing these resources such that researchers using them can accurately reference the resource in their experimental papers.  There is currently no infrastructure to indicate the deprecation of panels or alterations to marker sets. Combined, these two issues make it difficult to abide by FAIR data principles where genetic resources are being used by the public. The working group will need to address the nuances and needs in this space to make best-practice recommendations.


Expertise/skills desired (one or more of the following): 

  • Digital librarian or someone with digital archival experience (ArXiv or BioRxiv).

  • Firm understanding of DOI or other digital object identifiers.

  • National Agricultural Library integration or other database systems (NCBI).

  • Molecular biology background is a plus but not required. 

  • Experience with LIMS and/or JBrowse or other Genetic data curation tasks.

  • Publishers or Editors of genetic resource-focused journals.


Champion: Moira Sheehan


  • Maria Skrabisova
  • Moira Sheehan
  • Sunita Kumari
  • Victoria DeLeo
  • Zulfiqar Ali
  • Barnet Abayo
  • Shuyu Liu
  • Yogendra Khedikar


Meeting Schedule: more information soon!

For more information, please email