Database/Data Storage Working Group

Monica Poelchau (USDA, i5k, Chair); Clayton Birkett (USDA); Stephen Ficklin (Tripal); Lacey-Anne Sanderson (KnowPulse); Margaret Staton (Hardwood Genomics); Deepak Unni (CyVerse)

To review and summarize information on data storage choices for genome databases, providing guidance on best practices where possible.


  • Recommendations for platform choice
    • Systematically choose from available platforms.
  • Recommendations for platform sustainability
    • Use open-source tools if possible.
    • Have a plan for long-term management.
  • Recommendations for platform interoperability
    • Employ ontologies and CVs and use them to annotate as much data as possible.
    • Plan for web services.
    • Make your database discoverable by indexing and providing a search engine. 
    • Make your data connected using best practices for exposing, sharing and using Uniform Resource Identifiers and RDF.