Data Availability and Communication Working Group

Dorrie Main (MainLab DataBases, Co-chair); Jacqueline Campbell (LegumeInfo, Co-Chair); Sushama Naithani (Gramene); Jack Okamuro (USDA-ARS); James Reecy (Animal QTLdb); Katheryn Buble (MainLab DataBases); Margaret Woodhouse (MaizeGDB)

Data Availability Mission:
To increase availability of peer-reviewed genomics, genetics and breeding data in community databases through journals mandating data submission as a requirement for publication.

Communication Mission:
To facilitate communication among curators and developers of AgBioData databases, and to establish communication and interaction between data generators and data curators with the goal of highlighting the individual and community benefits from managing and sharing research data.


  • Recommendations for communication with researchers
    • Mechanisms for outreach: Conferences, Newsletters and Social Media
    • Make it obvious who is doing the work on the database.
    • Respond quickly to feedback.
    • Provide tutorials.
    • Communicate on data management.
    • Set up an advisory panel. 
  • Recommendations for communication with funding agencies
    • Form an interagency GGB Database Advisory Board.
    • Collaborate on data management guidelines.
    • Engage in joint social media activities.
    • Identify or create funding opportunities to support GGB database activities. 
  • Recommendations for communication with publishers
    • Enforcement and adherence of data policies.
    • Inter-agency sponsored workshop for journal publishers and editors.