Data Availability, Policy and Communication Working Group

Dorrie Main (co-chair), Jacqueline Campbell (co-chair), Sushama Naithani, Jack Okamuro, James Reecy, Victor Unda, Margaret Woodhouse

Data Availability Mission:
To increase availability of peer-reviewed genomics, genetics and breeding data in community databases through journals mandating data submission as a requirement for publication

Communication Mission:
To facilitate effective and efficient communication among curators and developers of AgBioData databases, and to establish communication and interaction between data generators, data curators and policy makers with the goal of highlighting the individual and community benefits from managing and sharing research data.

Policy Mission

Data Availability Objectives:

  1. Identify the  journals where plant and animal researchers publish database relevant data

  2. Identify the journals that already require authors to submit specific data types

  3. Identify data types that are not currently required to be submitted to databases.

  4. Provide authors with a list of databases where they can submit their data depending on their data type and/or species and/or journals

  5. Ultimately journals enforcing database data submission as stipulation for manuscript publication

  6. Work with PubAg and Agricola, along with Pubmed

  7. Identify broad communication strategies for this topic

Communication Objectives:

  1. Develop and maintain a user-friendly AgBioData community website

  2. Promote use of the AgBioData website through presentations and audio-visual tutorials

  3. Maintain a directory of databases and their personnel, with contact info

  4. Know the type of code databases are using, and possible collaborations

  5. Expand knowledge of Agriculture GGB databases with website and etc.

  6. Discover similar efforts, make lists, make sure we are known, and know others

  7. Develop a road show to train data generators to publish metadata, etc in their papers