Curation Working Group

Lisa Harper (MaizeGDB, Chair); Tanya Berardini (TAIR, Co-Chair); Leonore Reiser (TAIR); Jodi Humann (MainLab Databases), Nathan Dunn (Apollo); Pankaj Jaiswal (Reactome)

Identify and describe the curation practices across AgBioData Databases.  Establish a standard minimum level of information manually curated from literature, in regards to genes, phenotypes, experiments, etc.


  • Continue regular communication between biocurators of different databases.
  • Adopt existing or contribute to developing new Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations recommendations for each curated data type.
  • Share data curation templates.
  • Recommend that funding agencies require data and metadata submission to public resources as a requirement for funding.
  • Recommend that publishers require data and metadata submission to public resource as a requirement for publication.
  • Databases should encourage and facilitate use of persistent digital identifiers by data generators. 
  • Report errors and omissions of data to authors, editors, databases and publishers. 
  • Work toward increasing the visibility of biocurators and what they contribute to the research community.
  • Provide training for researchers on responsible data management. 
  • Provide post-graduate training in biocuration.