Data Sharing using Web Services Working Group

Ramona Walls (chair), James Carson, Nathan Dunn, Andrew Farmer, Nic Herndon, Sabarinanth Subramaniam, Liya Wang, Jill Wegrzyn, Richard Westerman, Jason Williams

To establish best practices for sharing data among AgBioData member organizations using existing cyberinfrastructure.


  1. Identify some low-hanging data fruit to share and develop a proof-of-concept data sharing demonstration
  2. Determine data sharing needs within AgBioData
  3. Assess the ability of existing cyberinfrastructure, such as CyVerse and APIs, to meet AgBioData’s data sharing needs
  4. Document a set of best practices for sharing data among AgBioData databases and researchers using those databases.
  5. Idnetify strategies to communicate this topic