Data Sharing using Web Services Working Group

Meg Staton (Hardwood Genetics, Chair); Jill Wegrzyn (TreeGenes); Emily Grau (TreeGenes); Andrew Farmer (NCGR); Marcela Karey Tello-Ruiz (Gramene); Justin Elser (Gramene); Sylva Donaldson, Cyril Pommier (URGI) , Monica Poelchau (i5k), EthyCannon (PeanutBase), Peter Selby (BrAPI)



  • Identify the current methods of data exchange within and across AgBioData databases
  • Explore community opinions on data sharing needs and priorities
  • Identify a set of partners with interest and throughput to actually implement some concrete examples
  • Develop a set of recommended best practices for data exchange
  • Promote best practices for data exchange